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Top 5 Things At A Melbourne Ninja Warrior NCL Competition

Olivia Vivian at a Melbourne Ninja Warrior Competition

The first weekend in May played host to a Melbourne Ninja Warrior competition in the Ninja Challenge League (NCL). Some of the biggest names in Australian Ninja Warrior had entered alongside some of Melbourne’s finest as well as a bunch of first timers & up’n’comers. After the year and a bit we’ve all had, while frustrating it was also kind of relaxing that the first obstacle for everyone was finding a parking space. Melbourne events are back, baby! Let’s Go!!

Read on to see what our top 5 things were that keep us stoked and excited for the next comp!

"excitedly shouting words of encouragement"

crowd support at a ninja warrior competition

The Crowd Support

You could ask pretty much any ninja warrior what their favourite part of ninja is and they’d almost certainly say, “community!” This was clearly evident on the weekend. The cheer squad was thick & loud all afternoon, so much so it was hard to tell which ninja was their favourite. Each & every ninja had an equally deafening roar carrying them throughout the course. Kids young and old excitedly shouting words of encouragement & support only to be matched by the embracing hugs of celebration when the ninja had given everything they could. The ninja warrior community in Australia is phenomenal.

Smoke & Light Show

Nothing adds to a scene like a good lighting set up. Creating a dreamy atmosphere with the right lighting is simple but extremely effective and helps turn a regular event into something more memorable but it’s only part of the equation. With the addition of a little bit of smoke, the weekend’s competition was transformed into an entire experience. Triggered when a competitor hit the buzzer at the top of the Warped Wall, smoke poured out and filled the room. What a treat!

Ninjas at every level will need to step up their games

Ninja Warrior Australia's newest stars

Newcomers To Ninja Competition

When a sport like Ninja Warrior is so good, we want nothing more than to have new people sign up and join in. Perhaps it was that we’ve not had competitions in a while but it certainly felt like there were a lot of new faces in the field. Looking at the talent that has entered the room and is fast rising to the top, Ninjas at every level will need to step up their games! It’s ridiculous. One such ninja to keep an eye on is Jo Abdou. Having only started her Ninja game this year, hitting the podium in her first NCL competition is nothing to sneeze at! It’s fantastic to see and we expect big things, no pressure!

Ash & Liv

Well, it’s always great to see both Ashlin Herbert and Olivia Vivian on a Melbourne Ninja Warrior course. They’re both incredible human beings and show a constant stoke & support for everyone involved. Olivia crushed the course, finishing with a fantastic time only to be checked on a very small but clear break of rules. On the second obstacle, Olivia Vivian’s foot only just scraped the mat which unfortunately meant a disqualification. Disappointing, for sure, but just one part of Ninja competition. With Ash’s care-free speed and flow, the crowd watched with eager eyes, watching for that classic ‘Flashlin’ charisma and style. Little did they expect to see him splat on the mat. An attempt to change it up and swing through the laches by his feet saw him fall just shy of reaching the next bar and onto the mat below. Again, that’s just how competition goes sometimes.

"works tirelessly towards her goals"

winners at the Melbourne Ninja Warrior competition


The winners! It’s a competition after all! It may be of no surprise that the ever strong Brittany Malloy took out the top prize for the women. Britt is super strong, works tirelessly towards her goals and has an unmatched dedication & focus. Not quite reaching the buzzer, her time to the bungee cords was just fast enough to put her on top of the podium and well into the pointy end over all.

In the mens division, it was a young boy who effortlessly finished the brutal ninja course the fastest. Ash Campbell is one of those kids who has been working hard for years and the dedication is paying off now! The youngest person to ever win an NCL competition, Ash is well on his way to dominating Australia’s Ninja Warrior competitions. Be sure to keep an eye on him!

Just a small Ninja gallery.

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