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Train for Ninja Warrior – Australia’s Best Ninja Warrior Gyms

two female ninjas train for ninja warrior at one of Australia's best ninja gyms
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Train for Ninja Warrior at one of the many world class ninja gyms in Australia. No matter your age, there’s a place for you to hone your skills and train to be the ultimate ninja warrior. If you want to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior or just test your skills in a local ninja comp, there are plenty of options just for you! Scroll through and check out the locals. 

If we’ve missed any, be sure to let us know.

Australia Warrior Fitness - NSW

Australian Warrior Fitness is the training ground for some of Australia’s biggest ninjas. Appearing on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2021, Cameron McLintock is the owner/operator of the gym located in New South Wales’ North Gosford. 

Australian Warrior Fitness hosts local ninja competitions and is a hosting gym for the Ninja Challenge League.

The Compound Training - Vic

the compound training - train for ninja warrior in melbourne

The Compound Training is one of Melbourne’s first places to offer a true ninja warrior experience. What started as an outdoor venue, the Compound’s owner, Clem Vertigan grew the business into a unique indoor obstacle ninja course. Under constant obstacle upgrade and replacement, it’s rare that you go and not see something new.

The Compound plays host to their own local Ninja competition series running from March through to October on the last Sunday of every month. On top of that, The Compound is an active host for many of the nationwide comps including the Ninja Challenge League.

Crank Indoor Climbing - QLD

crank indoor climbing - ninja gym

The Crank Indoor Climbing gym is tough to find but totally worth seeking out. At 537 Kessels Rd, Macgregor in Queensland, Crank is tucked away behind Nick Scali. 

Home to many of Queensland’s best Australian Ninja Warriors, Crank Indoor Climbing is obviously far more that just a climbing gym.

Fighting Lyons - Vic

fighting lyons - ninja gym in Essendon, Melbourne

Fighting Lyons was started by dual Olympian, Paul Lyons. This dude was incredible. The energy, positivity and welcoming persona he had was infectious. Unfortunately, Paul passed away suddenly in 2019 but the gym he created still rocks on with just as much enthusiasm. If you want to train for ninja warrior and be an absolute weapon of a ninja, this is the place to go!

Fighting Lyons hosts many local ninja comps each year and is a longtime member of the Ninja Challenge League. Not only do they offer ninja for adults & kids alike, they’re proud to offer all sorts of classes for neurodiverse kids too. 

Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training (GBOT) - Vic

Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training - Geelong fitness & ninja gym

An hour from Melbourne, Vic. is Geelong’s GBOT Fitness. GBOT, standing for Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training naturally picked up the Ninja Warrior bug and dug right in. Owners Jase & Kaz fully embrace the entire fitness industry and say the gym’s motto is “Where fitness & fun collide.” 

Ninja is a big part of what they do and Jase has competed on Australian Ninja Warrior two times but focuses on training the new up & coming ninjas from Geelong. GBOT also host a number of kids & adult local ninja comps throughout the year.

Ninja Academy - WA

Ninja Academy Perth - is this the ultimate ninja gym

Perth’s Ninja Academy is the home of the NCL and one of Australia’s best ninja warrior training facilities. Founder Dave Ravi, having a keen interest in Sasuke, is not only a fierce competitor at local ninja comps but is a seasoned competitor on official Ninja Warrior competitions both in Australia and overseas. 

This ninja warrior gym is huge. Easily one of Australia’s biggest indoor obstacle courses dedicated to Ninja Warrior but the venue also boasts a great bouldering wall, sprung floor, peg maze and parkour setup. Hidden in the shadows behind the showrooms on the main road, Ninja Academy is a true ninja warrior training ground. Top ninjas including Ben Polson, Olivia Vivian and brothers Dave & Mark Ravi all call the Academy home.

Ninja Jungle - QLD

queensland ninja gym - Ninja Jungle

“Welcome to the Jungle” their website says and if that’s not the best invitation to visit then, I don’t know what is! I mean, you can almost hear Axl Rose singing, right? Anyway, one of Australia’s newest Ninja Warrior gyms, Ninja Jungle has hit the ground running. 

With great facilities and a mix of obstacles, the Queensland ninja gym has already signed up to host local & national ninja competitions. With ninjas like Jade Genet, Courtenay Brown & more teaching the ropes, be sure to see a tonne of top ninja warriors to come out of here.

Ninja Nation - Vic

ninja nation - ninja warrior ferntree gully

Ninja Nation is one of the cleanest and neatest ninja warrior gym setups we’ve seen. With a whole host of Australian Ninja Warriors coaching a large range of classes, you know you’re in good hands. The 5.2 Ninja, Kadeem Aarons, Michelle Callanan & of course owners Amanda & Ziad Zakharia are just a few of the team that help guide you through their incredible obstacle course.

Located in Ferntree Gully, Ninja Nation is not only an awesome ninja warrior venue but also has a fully operational cafe on site. The crew is solid, the obstacles are fantastic and is great for ninjas of any age.

SA Base Camp - SA

SA BaseCamp - Ninja Gym South Australia

This is SA Base Camp. On Australian Ninja Warrior in 2021, there were a number of very successful ninjas that came from South Australia. It seems that many of them train here at Base Camp. Celeste Dixon, Alex Bigg and many more call this place home and it’s with good reason.

Base Camp host a number of different local ninja comps and have one of the most supportive and inclusive communities around. If you’re in South Australia and looking for your local ninja gym, this is your go to place!

Urban Xtreme - QLD

This is one of the newest ninja gyms we’ve seen hosting a Ninja Challenge League qualifying round. A bit of an all rounder venue, Urban Xtreme seem to offer a lot of stuff that will help with your ninja warrior training. From trampolines to parkour, rock climbing to Ninja, they have a great selection of fun activities to keep you and the kids active and healthy.

Where do you train for Ninja Warrior?

We searched high and low to bring you this list. Many we’ve been to and experienced for ourselves but as Ninja Warrior grows as a sport here in Australia, many more ninja gyms are popping up all the time. Drop us an email or comment below if there’s a gym you think could or should be added to this list?

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