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Victoria’s Best Ninja Warriors Compete at the NCL Final

victoria's best ninja warriors

Victoria’s best Ninja Warriors competed last weekend in the continuously rescheduled 2020/2021 Ninja Challenge League final.

Starting with a seemingly simple balance obstacle, stage one was a good battle that only four ninjas made it through.

Two cable reels, the second of  which needed to be reeled in with a rope then walked on to the other platform. A tricky one that caught a few by surprise. Then onto a UFO to double unstable bridge. Next was the door knobs complete with transfer reminiscent of Season 4 of Australian Ninja Warrior.

After that, athletes ran a step-snake that led into two 2 metre laches. Next obstacle, a tramp to spider wall then cargo net, was a tough one for taller ninjas as the Ninja Nation spider wall is best suited to the younger ninja. Following that was the nicely spaced wing nuts to rope & bungee cords.

The last two obstacles for those who made it this far were the devil steps & 4.25m warped wall.

Who finished the stage one course?

Finishing the stage one course the fastest was also the youngest, Ash Campbell. Also there with him was Jake Baker, Fred Dorrington and Mat Hutchins-Read.

Maybe the biggest upset of the day was Steve Axis falling on the first obstacle, or Daniel Mason struggling through demonstrating some of the course obstacles, or maybe Michael Mischefski just missing the devil steps. We couldn’t call it but the day definitely had it’s share of excitement.

Stage two was a doozy! Jake Baker was the only ninja to make it past the incredibly tough peg board only to make a simple brain fart error and step off the next obstacle when he wasn’t meant to.

One take away was that Ninja Nation know how to run a fun & all inclusive Ninja Warrior competition. An absolute blast of an event.

Victoria’s Best Ninja Warriors


  1. Brittany Malloy
  2. Judith Carroll
  3. Michelle Callanan


  1. Jake Baker
  2. Fred Dorrington
  3. Ash Campbell

Anyway, enjoy some photographs.

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