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Volume Settings and New Years Resolutions!

I’m flat out one of those people who needs the radio or TV volume set to a multiple of 5. My wife finds it very tiring while I find it impossible to watch or listen to anything until it’s set with a number ending in five or zero. It’s a numbers thing. It needs to be as clear as possible of what I’m trying to achieve. This is why for me, and possibly for many people, New Year’s Resolutions are absolutely critical to the outcome of the deed itself.

I have had a drinking problem. However, I have never seen it as a problem. I just thoroughly enjoy a few cans of my favourite Jack Daniels & Cola at the end of the day, more on weekends. But, as I grow ever increasingly more aware of my mental state and the elements that contribute to different battles, I’ve found alcohol to be something that I would like to reduce in my everyday life.

Over the past few years I’ve accomplished more non-drinking days than I thought I would ever imagine and most of those have only been possible because of dates started. I have always commenced a non-drinking period at the start of a month. If I have tried to start on any other day, I have failed. Now, not every time I begun at the month’s beginning have I succeeded, but the percentages are far more in favour of that clear, precise date.

So, three reasons that I’m writing this; one is to explain that as the clock strikes midnight and the year 2020 begins, I will endeavour to complete on entire year without drinking any alcohol. Two, to encourage you to try something for yourself and three, perhaps the most important, SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS IN THEIR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

I’m no doctor or psychologist but I reckon that if your friends are hoping to change their behavior, they’ll need all the support they can get. Please, don’t judge them for trying to improve their lives. Support them.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Here’s to new beginnings, new lifestyles and stronger friendships.